Black Moon

In a dystopian future, a mid-teen named Lily is trying to escape the bloodshed associated with the war between the sexes, she barely getting away from a group of men that have just assassinated a group of women. Lily is able to take "fantasy" refuge on a farmhouse property, which is inhabited by among others: an old bedridden woman, who speaks largely in some foreign tongue, speaks to others over a wireless radio, has a rat named Humphrey as a friend, and receives her nourishment in an unconventional manner for a person her age; a non-speaking brother and sister both also named Lily (although his is spelled differently), who she assumes are the bedridden woman's children, and the brother who communicates through touch; a group of naked children shepherds; and a talking unicorn. Although Lily's relationships with the others are not always in harmony, especially with the elderly woman, she tries to find her rightful place there in light of the alternative.

Duration: 95 min

Quality: SD

Release: 1975

IMDb: 6.3